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I have shut down my youtube account Youtube is NOT FANGIRLING FRIENDLY . Maybe I'll find a way to restore all the vid at youtube to my daily motion account.. we'll see.
My name is Mila from Malaysia. I'm a year younger than Misha Collins lol! Born on the same month with Misha but 10 days after his birthday. OMG! I'm older than Jared and Jensen ... but I'm drooling over them.

I do not believe that age should dictate on who you like or what you wear or how you present yourself to the world.

I Multiships all ships in most of the fandoms. My all time OTP is McShep from Stargate Atlantis. I ship all ships in SGA and Sg-1 too. Before there was SGA and SPN, I drool over SkK from Xfiles. Yes it is a slash pair of the character Nick Lea and Mitch Pileggi - Skinner/Krycek. When Nick Lea finally get into SPN, that make me happy :D. I Multiships for SPN I love most is Destiel but I also ships Sastiel (Sam/Cas), Cockles, Mishalecki, Megstiel, other OT3 or OT4 any combo like Dean/Cas/Sam/Gabriel or Dean/Cas/Meg lol! and more!!! . I ships mostly Tony/Gibbs in NCIS.

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